Arton Review. Festival of Polish Art Films

19-20.11.2019, 6 p.m.

Arton Review is a review of Polish experimental film and video art organised since 2014 by the Arton Foundation. The initiative is based on our archive of Polish avant-garde art of the 1970s. Its contents provide inspiration for artists of the younger generations. This edition is focused on the legacy of two Polish artists: Jolanta Marcolla and Paweł Kwiek.

Addressing her own work experience with the medium of film and television, Laura Pawela created a film that engages in a dialogue with a co-founder of the Workshop of the Film Form, Paweł Kwiek, and his work “The Telephone and I” from 1972.

In her film “The False Mirror”, Amanda Wieczorek gives a synthetic punchline to the oeuvre of Jolanta Marcolla with a special focus on the artist’s texts and works created during her television internship in 1975.

“Conversation with God” became the starting point for Kwiek’s collaboration with Łukasz Jastrubczak. The latter’s work “Telepathy” (2014) documents an event which took place at the beginning of October 2014 on the outskirts of Warsaw.

During a car journey Paweł Kwiek and Łukasz Jastrubczak attempted to communicate by means of telepathy.

Please join a panel discussion with the artists and Marika Kuźmicz after the film screening (moderator: Lana-Lovrenčić)

Project carried out with the support of the Culture Department of the City of Warsaw and in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb and Tošo Dabac Archive

Film program:

Laura Pawela, The Horizon and I, 2017, 7’00’’

Jolanta Marcolla, Forced Response, 1976, 1’20’’

Paweł Kwiek, The Telephone and I, 1972, 6’03’’

Paweł Kwiek, Video A – The Studio Situation, 1975, 3’25’’

Paweł Kwiek, Conversation with the God, 1990, 10’28’’

Łukasz Jastrubczak, Telepathy, 2014, 3’02’’

Jolanta Marcolla, Forced Response, 1976, 1’20’’

Jolanta Marcolla, Kiss, 1974, 3’01’’

Amanda Wieczorek , The False Mirror, 2017, 2’54’’

Foksal 11 St. app. 4 (2nd gate, 1st. floor),Wed.-Sat. 12-6 PM.
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