Podcast Remember Her Name

The podcast ‘Remember Her Name‘ is a series of talks about women artists. Its aim is to share stories about their oeuvres and make their artistic practice more visible than it currently is in the discourse. We strive to counteract the wave of forgetting which often leaves many women artists in the margins of the artistic scene. The interviews with the artists themselves or individuals from the artistic milieu (art historians, theoreticians, curators, lecturers) usually focus on the discussion of one piece from the artist’s body of work. Giving the idea about the character of chosen artistic practices, we introduce women creators from the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, making their artistic work familiar to the international audience. The series is a part of the project Not Yet Written Stories – Women Artists’ Archives Online within the Creative Europe program.The cycle is curated by Julia Kusiak from Arton Foundation.

Julia Kusiak talks to Anna Kutera:


Marika Kuźmicz about Jadwiga Singer:


Leonida Kovač & Sandra Križić Roban about Edita Schubert:


Julia Kusiak talks to Iwona Lemke Konart:


Julia Kusiak talks to Teresa Gierzyńska:




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