In 2021, the Arton Foundation is carrying out the project Development, Conservation, Digitization and Sharing of the Archives of Alicja and Bożena Wahl. As part of the task, the archive of the two artists has been inventoried, catalogued and digitized. The digitized resource is now available in the Forgotten Heritage database and in the ZoSIA database. Co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the Culture Support Fund under the Digital Culture programme.

Alicja (1932-2020) and Bożena (b. 1932) Wahl

 Painters, skecht artists. During the years 1952-1957 students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warszawa, in the studio of E. Eibisch, the appendix to the diploma made in the department of ceramics, in the studio of W. Golakowska. Since 1961, twin sisters started to exhibit her works in Galeria Krzywe Koło, Warsaw.

In the 1970s, both sisters collaborated with the publishing houses and the weekly Kultura, for which they created book illustrations. Their drawings accompanied the writings of Homer, Cervantes, Proust, Kafka or Witkacy. The works of sisters were exhibited in Paris, Stockholm, New York and Berlin.

During the late 1970s, Alicja Wahl opened her own gallery in Żoliborz district of Warsaw, well known for showing works related to symbolism, surrealistic and figurative, full of expression. The subject matter was mostly focused on interpersonal dynamics, especially the wide spectrum of feelings and intimate sensations of women. The gallery presented the works of other major artists of the time as well: Jan Lebenstein, Franciszek Starowieyski, Tadeusz Brzozowski or Teresa Pągowska. Additionally, it was a meeting place of people from artistic, literary and theatre circles. The gallery was active until 2002.

Selected collective and individual exhibitions:

Galeria Krzywe Koło - ceramics (Warsaw 1961); Galeria Krzywe Koło - painting and drawing (Warsaw 1962); 5, rue des vignes – paris 16/ soeurs jumeaux; dessipatrisses et peintres Ive exposition le dessin, Galeria Le Ranelagh, Paris (1967); IV wystawa młodych debiutów międzynarodowych, Galerie Desbrieres, Paris (1968); Galeria Latina, Stockholm (1971); Wert-Galerie, Vienna (1972); Galerie L, Hamburg (1973); Jubilee Gallery, Ventura, California, USA (1974); Galerie Warschau, Berlin (1974); Galerie Kubus, Munich (1974); Galerie L, Hamburg (1975); Galerie Hinskes, Xanten (1975), Polski Instytut Kultury, Paris (1980); BWA Łódź (1980); BWA Arsenał, Poznań (1981); BWA Gorzów Wlkp. (1983); BWA Baszta Czarownic, Słupsk (1983); Galeria A.B. Wahl, Warsaw, (1992) As a part of this project Foundation Katarynka prepared audiodescriptions of selected works from the estate of Alicja Wahl. Please find link below:

Alicja Wahl, Bez tytułu, 1969

Alicja Wahl, Bez tytułu, 1974

Alicja Wahl, Moja Juluś – Moja córka rośnie, 1977

Alicja Wahl, Nasze rozmowy, 1976

Alicja Wahl, Bez tytułu, 1965

Bożena Wahl, Trzy Gracje, 1876

Bożena Wahl, Autoportret w klatce, 1974

Bożena Wahl, Bez tytułu, lata 60. XX wieku







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