Andrij Bojarov / Андрій Бояров: Koło i kula / Коло і куля

Andrij Bojarov: The Circle and the Bullet

opening: 13.04.2022

exhibition: 14.04-23.04.2022

 “I suppose it is submerged memories that give to dreams their curious air of hyper-reality.”

 W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

The world is becoming so dense that we begin to suffocate. Echoes of the previous generations’ fears are coming back to us, and we reflect on them and discover that they are our own. New, terrifying images keep appearing every second, flowing towards us and becoming increasingly real. Earlier images, photographs that already existed in the previous time, unexpectedly start to pulsate and vibrate. A non-transparent medium and its manifestations: photographs. Their meanings, old and new, which must have been there before, but hidden behind many layers, concealed, buried. Now the curtains are slowly going up and we see what we have not seen before. Found photographs, copied clippings, cropped fragments that began to tremble to a new rhythm, re-arranging themselves into a new story. This perfectly cosy flat will momentarily cease to exist, I think. I am afraid that a child from a hundred years ago will forever remain a child. The dog bares its teeth in terror. A non-transparent medium and its manifestations: photographs. Their meanings, past and future. But the rhythm will change. The undulating curtains will rearrange themselves. The photographed pieces of the world will realign accordingly.

Andrij Bojarov

Visual artist, independent curator and researcher. Trained as an architect, from the early 1990s active as an artist in the field of conceptual photography and video-art, taking part in group and individual exhibitions in Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Germany.

From the 2000s worked as an independent curator preparing exhibitions of Polish photographers Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Tadeusz Rolke, Chris Niedenthal, Wojciech Prażmowski, Jacek Dziaczkowski in Ukraine. In the 2010s focused on exploring largely neglected local histories of avant-garde art in the Central-European context, expanding and blending artist and curatorial work with research practices. The results included exhibitions in Poland: Knowns-Unknowns at the Zamenhof Center in Białystok (Interphoto Festival, 2017);Montages. Debora Vogel and a New Legend of the City at the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź; Experiment! Masters of Photography at the Beginning of 20th Century in Lviv and their Polish and Ukrainian Continuators, Imaginarium/Forum Fotografii Galleries, Łódź.






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