Tomasz Konart /J/F/M/A/M/J/J/A/S/O/N/D (Thirteen projections)

21st March – 5th May 2013 
/J/F/M/A/M/J/J/A/S/O/N/D (Thirteen projections) is an installation of text and video, another reincarnation of Tomasz Konart’s project which has been evolving, mostly online, for over 10 years. Interactively manipulated stories were the backbone of the web work. 
/J/F/M/A/M/J/J/A/S/O/N/D is different. It might be seen as a reflection on the online experience. The interactive element is not present anymore. The text is static, thus making the self-referential aspect of the work more significant. A self-portrait seems to be the ultimate goal of this exercise. It might be noticed though that the installation itself constitutes rather a negative of a self-portrait than a final picture. During the installation, which took place in the Foundation, the artist continued his work and new chapters emerged from this story.

Foksal 11 St. app. 4 (2nd gate, 1st. floor), open by appointment
  Marika Kuźmicz tel. +48 502 055 130