Jolanta Marcolla. A Room of One’s Own

10th January – 7th February 2015
Opening: 9th January 2015, 19:00

Feel cordially invited to the Artist’s first individual show after 1981.

Jolanta Marcolla (b. 1950) – co-founder of the group Galeria Sztuki Aktualnej, pioneer of video art in Poland. Marcolla’s works are usually considered and interpreted as projects that analyse the medium of film and photography. However, the artist explores a much broader field. In her videos and photographs Marcolla often uses her own image. On the pretence of making it appear as a play with the medium, the artist questions and verifies her own social and cultural role. Photographs and films from the 1970s do not merely portray Marcolla herself but also play a game with social stereotypes and pose a challenge to the conventional ways of perceiving women. Using a wide array of means of expression – irony, joke, exaggeration – the artist moves freely in the field of new media and lays bare the vision of femininity imposed on women, with which she does not agree. The narration of the exhibition is built on the tension that emanates from Marcolla’s works – tension generated on the border of the private and the public. Thus, we are dealing with the universal and always topical question of one’s own identity.

Curator: Marika Kuźmicz
Design: Agnieszka Lasota
Collaboration: Jagna Lewandowska
Foksal 11 St. app. 4 (2nd gate, 1st. floor), open by appointment
  Marika Kuźmicz tel. +48 502 055 130