poster designed by Marcel Kaczmarek
Ł. Sosiński, film still from the movie "Cruising the Neighborhood, thinking", 2016
K. Radziszewski, film still from the movie "Id", 2016
W. Bąkowski, film still from the movie "So that you continue like this", 2010
A. Lasota, film still from the movie "Occurance", 2014
Arton Review. Around the Film Form

7th September 2016, 6 PM
Film review: National Museum in Warsaw, KinoMuz Hall

9th September 2016, 6 PM
Exhibition opening: Arton Foundation, ul. Miedziana 11
Exhibition runs until the 17th September 2016.

5th October 2016, 7 PM
Film screenings at BWA Zielona Góra

Wojciech Bąkowski // Piotr Bosacki // Wojciech Bruszewski // Henryk Gajewski // Paweł Kwiek // Łukasz Jastrubczak // Agnieszka Lasota // Karol Radziszewski // Józef Robakowski // Łukasz Sosiński // Ryszard Waśko // Szalona Galeria

Arton Review. Around the Film Form is a programme of Polish experimental cinema and video art organised in collaboration with the National Museum in Warsaw, which is accompanied by an exhibition at the Arton Foundation. Inaugurated in 2014, Arton Review features works gathered in the Repository of the Arton Foundation – a digital archive of Polish art of the 1970s.

The contents of the archive lay at the origins of a series of video works inspired by the classics of Polish avant-garde, which were created by Polish contemporary artists: Wojciech Bąkowski, Karol Radziszewski and Łukasz Sosiński.

The film programme is accompanied by an exhibition that showcases artists individual ways of constructing moving images. The frenetic search that precedes the work on a film is usually invisible in the finished work, or it may not result in a finished film at all. Sleepless nights at the studio may sometimes result in mere short sketches: small poetic epiphanies encapsulated in a dry note – these are often the only traces that animate the artists thought. The sketches, notes, models and screen tests presented in the exhibition cast light on the stage prior to the creation of a film, which is otherwise invisible to the viewer.
Curator: Jagna Lewandowska
Display design: Łukasz Sosiński
Collaboration: Magdalena Nowak

Project organised with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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