Do not support the art of politiciants and economists
Do not suport power manias of any kind
Do not accept coercion
Do not wage intrigues, battles, manipulations or hidden manoeuvres
Do not keep up malcontents and destruction
Do not support any fight of one artist against another artist
Do not praise any artwhich in not the result of artisitc work
Do not share the view that one artist must eat more than other artist
Do not think that everything what you made is art
Do not say that you were born at the wrong time 
Do not let yourself be pushed out of siciety
Do not assume the existence of east-west or south-north animals
Do not accende to division of dogs into nations and states
Do not repeat: My home is my castle
Do not rejoice in peoples downfall
Do not say that you have enough troubles of your own
Do not let anyone pat you on the back
Do not await dole or charity
Do not propaagate or proceed after anything or anywhere at all costs
Do not say: I discovered it first
Do not allow a low level of consciiousness
Do not use the word: provincial-modern, traditional-civilized, old -new 
Do not bless atrists mafias, clans or sindicates
Do not support doctrines, leaders or commandants
Do not give up
Ryszard Waśko, Manifesto "For The Rose, For True Artist and For Ad Reinhardt", 1981
"Do not say that you were born at the wrong time" is an exhibition presenting the works by Ryszard Waśko from 70s and 80s as well as the newest works from 2018. The works, reated in different times and using different mediums are united by the theme: a "word", that establishes the form creating in the same time the content . "The word" for Waśko is always a manifesto, a scream, a protest, a conversation and a mutual understanding. 
Exhibition is also the inauguration of the new space of Arton Foundation, Foksal 11, Warsaw.
opening: 28.06.2018 - 7-10 P.M. 
exhibition: 29.06.-08.09. (Tue.- Sat. 12-6 P.M.) 
Foksal 11 St. app. 4 (2nd gate, 1st. floor),Wed.-Sat. 12-6 PM.
  Marika Kuźmicz tel. +48 502 055 130