Revisiting Heritage

Pokonferencyjna publikacja "Revisiting Heritage" wydana przez Fundację Arton oraz Akademię Sztuk Pięknych w Warsawie jest dostępna nieodpłatnie na oraz w wersji papierowej.

Redakcja: dr Marika Kuźmicz

Proof-reading: Christopher Smith

Tłumaczenie: Łukasz Mojsak

Projekt i skład: Tomasz Zapała

Recenzja: prof. Marta Leśniakowska, Instytut Sztuki PAN, Warszawa

© Arton Foundation, 2019

© Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie, 2019

ISBN 978-83-938029-6-8

ISBN 978-83-66098-32-9

Autorki i Autorzy:

Liesbeth Decan: “A” View on Belgian Art: Notes on Guy Schraenen and the Belgium-Poland Connection

Sandra Križić Roban: Not only on Women’s Day: Women in Croatian photography after the 1950s

Marika Kuźmicz: From Forgotten Heritage to Unwritten Stories

Leonida Kovač: Heritage, Legacy, Tradition, Transmission, Transformation, and So Forth

Elnara Taidre: Discovering a Total Work of Art in the Home (and) Archive of Tõnis Vint

Jelena Pašić: The Transformative Potential of Gorgonian Photography: The Case of Miljenko Horvat

Lana Lovrenčić: The Petar Dabac Archive

Radosław Maciej Przedpełski: Elements of Think Crazy Topology. Encountering Neo-Avant-Garde Practices of Marek Konieczny through Ludwiński and Deleuze

Peter Tuka: The Avant-Garde and Post-War Totalitarianism: Július Koller and Conceptual Art under Communism1

Wiktoria Szczupacka: Foksal Gallery, Women and Labour of Love in the 1960s and 1970s

Petra Skarupsky: Official Exhibitions from Czechoslovakia in Poland as a Tool for Remapping

the History of Art in Central Eastern Europe during the Cold War

Łukasz Jastrubczak: Recollection of the Last Exhibition

Karol Radziszewski: Queer Archives Institute: Institution as an Art Practice

Pavlína Morganová: Performance Art: Remembered, Photographed and Filmed, Exhibited, Sometimes Even Re-enacted

Daniel Muzyczuk: Is It Right to Perform an Installation? Between Reconstruction and Performance of a Score

Agnė Narušytė: The Aesthetics of Boredom in Lithuanian Photography

Barbara Borčić: DIVA Station and Artists’ Archives

Laura Leuzzi: The Fourth Encounter in Motovun (1976): A Platform for Experimentation for Early Video Art
Revisiting Heritage