CLICK. Sexualisation of Food in Art

The opening: 28.04.2022

The exhibition: 29.04-21.05.2022 (Wed.-Sat. 12-18, 7th of May we are closed)

Artists: Iwona Demko, Cheryl Donegan, Lindsay Dye, Zuzanna Janin, Karolina Konopka, Natalia LL, Karolina Majewska, Maria Pinińska-Bereś, Aleksandra Ska, Alina Szapocznikow, Liliana Zeic

Curators: Nina Gajewska, Maria Grzybowska, Maja Tomaszkiewicz, Aleksandra Weroniczak-Ballod, Aniela Zakrzewska

Mentoring: Marika Kuźmicz (PhD)

The relationship with food, which transcends strict norms, is a taboo subject in western culture. The biology of biting, licking, sucking, chewing, above all digestion and excretion poses a mental danger to the modern citizen, who is terrified of the body and its physiology.

To structurise and understand the phenomenon of breaking the taboo by hedonist acts of changing food into an erotic object, a performative object, an object with a political voice we will take a look at transformations of relationships between bodies, women’s bodies, political bodies and food. We will observe how a primary activity has become both a tool of oppression and liberation, as well as anarchist acts of emancipation.
CLICK. Sexualisation of Food in Art

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